Fish Scale Series

Plaster is a versatile and historically relevant material. It’s can be used to set broken bones, form intricate molding or simply repair walls. Plaster conjures a thought of simplicity for some, but the utilitarian capabilities when used unabashedly cannot be overlooked.


My “Fish Scale” sculptural works are methodically created in a rhythmic 3 part motion. Beat by beat, stroke by stroke. Three is my lucky number and the perfect melody of balance in design. Scoop, lay, smooth down, scoop,lay, smooth down- over and over in an obsessive harmony. The repetitive nature of this work puts me in humble state. The precision of spacing and dimension is subtle but important. It reminds me of factory work, like working on a conveyor belt as a box sorter. Not unlike repetitive factory work, the same movement over and over for hours becomes part of a dance as I seek perfection and unity in the lines shown in the work. 


The ingredients of plaster are soft when mixed, then become stronger as they set. Very much like my hands, and my focus in this life.